Our policy ar

TTrust Construction Est. primary goal is to provide a consistent level of work performance that meets and exceeds the quality standards and customer expectations conforming to the requirements and specifications cited in all matters of construction, materials, procurement control. We at Trust Construction are committed to:

  • The continual improvement of the QHSE management System of our company.
  • The prevention of injury and ill health and continually provide a safe place of work for all personnel working under control of the company.
  • The prevention of pollution, the measurement and reduction of environmental impact detrimental to the environment.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements and dedicated to performing our work in the safest practical manner throughout its operation, consistent with best industry practice.
  • Trust Construction Est. will fulfill this policy through embracing the following objectives as core business values which represent our obligations to society and business stakeholders, as well as ourselves:

  • Ensure that the safety remains paramount over all other interests and demands.
  • The provision of information for safe and efficient operations, to empower and educate our workforce and trust in a consultative process that maximizes our human resources.
  • The assessment of environmental effects before commencement of operations; as a primary importance to the company
  • Understanding our internal and external context and related changes
  • Satisfying our interested parties’ needs and expectations
  • Performing regular review of Management System Performance for continual improvement;
  • Identify and provide relevant training
  • Give all team members the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of QHSE Management System and provide appropriate responsibility and authority for ensuring that the company policy is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels.
  • All employees have a duty to act in accordance with this policy and within the interests of the environment, occupational health and safety in general.