Mission & Vision

I. Customer Focus

TRUST CONSTRUCTION realizes the importance of understanding the requirements of its Customers and thus tailor-makes the entire operations to suit the needs of the customers. TRUST CONSTRUCTION has managed to exceed customer satisfaction in past and will continue doing so through deployment of Integrated Management Principles and System.

II. Leadership

TRUST CONSTRUCTION believes in involving team members in decision-making and improvement initiatives. The group management, over the years, has established team unity and shown a clear direction of career growth and organizational development. The corporate culture of the company has been quite positive and resulted in higher level of customer (internal and external) satisfaction.

III. Involvement Of People

Team members at all levels in TRUST CONSTRUCTION are considered the essence, and their full involvement is enabled through regular meetings and corporate culture. Team members are considered as Human Assets of the organization and, are cared and recognized for their contribution in achieving organizational excellence.

IV. Process Approach

All activities conducted within TRUST CONSTRUCTION are based upon various interrelated processes. These processes are detailed in IMSOP (Integrated Management System Operating Procedures). Processes are mapped with special consideration to inputs, outputs, interfaces, resources, cost, time factors and key performance indicators. Processes are monitored, measured and analyzed for the continual improvement of the system. This approach has resulted in efficient and effective operations at all levels.

V. System Approach To Management

Integrated Management System in TRUST CONSTRUCTION is documented in such a way that interface of the linked processes is defined and clear. This makes the entire organization a composed system working towards.

VI. Continual Improvement

TRUST CONSTRUCTION strongly believes in continual improvement of its integrated management system. In order to leverage upon team members potential for improvement, a CAR process is employed by the organization. This process provides employees with empowerment to suggest on areas, not limited to, Quality, Health and safety, Environment and Strategy and Innovation.

VII. Factual Aspproach To Decision Making

Decision-making in the organization is based upon logical analysis and information. A Group of team members brainstorm and reach a consensus for critical decisions in the organization.

VIII. Supplier Relationships

Suppliers are considered to be partners in business and their products / services combined with the expertise provided by TRUST CONSTRUCTION , form an added value for the customers. In reality, it provides a win-win situation to both parties and a quality services to the valued customers.

IX. Initial Hazard / Environmental Review

TRUST CONSTRUCTION uses various methods to examine existing health and safety and environmental management practices & procedure to consider the safety hazards and environmental aspects of its activities, products and services.

By doing so, TRUST CONSTRUCTION has identified the hazards and aspects, including those associated with normal operating conditions, abnormal conditions, emergency situations and accidents etc.